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Managing Stress

Managing Stress

Feeling Stressed? At the end of your tether?

Is anxiety keeping you awake at night? Are you finding that you are losing concentration? Are you more emotional than usual? Then this course will give you the tools to become resilient to stressful situations and manage your emotions and pressures better.

During financial lean times or during change, we sometimes feel that we are struggling to cope emotionally. Why not equip yourself with these important life skills?

 You will learn how to: 

    • Recognize  the signs and symptoms of stress (in yourself and others)

    • Gain an understanding of the effects of both short term and long term stress on your health

    • Address destructive thinking and make your thought life work for you!

    • Analyse your own personal stressors

    • Practice some quick stress reduction techniques

    • Establish healthy coping strategies & preventative methods

    • Set clear boundaries around you to strengthen control over your life

    • Improve your time management and organisation skills including watching out for the time stealers 

    • Clear guidelines and tips on what to do when you are feeling stressed