Managing Stress for the Manager

Managing Stress for the Manager

According to the CIPD 2012 Absence report two-fifths of employer’s overall (52% in the public sector) report that stress-related absence has increased over the past year. In fact it is the 4th factor listed in the reasons for absenteeism.

During difficult financial times there is likely to be increased pressure on the employee. However, increased pressure does not have to result in increased absenteeism. With training a stressed individual can learn how to become more resilient to pressure and how to gain control of their life and find the support they need in a demanding environment.

This seminar will enable you to understand and manage Stress.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of stress (in yourself and others)
  • Gain an understanding of the effects of both short term and long term stress on your health
  • Address destructive thinking and make your thought life work for you!
  • Analyse your own stressors
  • Practice some quick stress reduction techniques
  • Establish coping strategies & preventative methods
  • Set clear boundaries around you to strengthen control over your life
  • Improve your time management including watching out for the time stealers
  • Carry out a Stress Risk Assessment (HSE 1999)