Fish4Development Business Training

Manager’s Toolbox

(3-day workshop)


Who is it for:


Anyone who hasn’t had any formal management training

Anyone who would like to improve their management skills


Managing Oneself


Four Steps to Effective Management

  • What makes a good leader?
  • Self-development and awareness using Johari Window
  • Know yourself – your style of management and communication preference
  • Changing your management styles to meet the needs of the individual with situational Leadership


Getting the message over clearly


How does our team communicate?

  • My unconscious bias
  • The ladder of Inference
  • Communication activity
  • Identifying barriers to communication
  • The Six Cs of Communication
  • How to be an Active Listener
  • Building rapport through pacing and empathy
  • Powerful questioning to bring about change in your team
  • Choosing the right question activity
  • Recruitment Questions
  • Transactional Analysis and our communication preferences


Improving Performance with constructive feedback


  • The role of giving (and receiving) feedback
  • Natural reactions to constructive feedback
  • Looking for the gold and not the dirt
  • Summarising todays activities


Managing Performance

  • Coaching different approaches
  • The Coaching model – GROW
  • Practicing the GROW model
  • Performance Management – getting the best out of your people including a brief look at:
      • Appraisals
  • Setting SMART objectives
      • One to ones
      • Return to Work interviews


Managing the Team

  • The life cycle of a team
  • Defining the Team Core Values
  • Knowing more about Team roles
  • Team Decision Making
  • Managing change
  • The Change Curve
  • Building Trust


Managing your Time with useful Techniques  

  • Managing yourself and your time
  • Action Planning Tools
  • Record Keeping
  • Pareto principle
  • My Time Stealers
  • Managing and chairing effective meetings
  • Facilitation skills



  • Getting the monkey off your back
  • Successful delegation
  • The Problem Ownership Ladder
  • Changing from doing to delegating 


My Impact on the Organisation

  • The blame game 
  • I own the problem
  • What is my Locus of Control?

Motivation and Morale

  • Motivational Theories
  • Intrinsic vs Extrinsic
  • Ten ways to Improve your team’s performance and morale 
  • Acts of recognition to boost morale

Decision making

  • The process of decision making
  • Different methods we can use
  • Creative Problem-Solving solutions 
  • Managing change
  • Handling resistance


Analysing what is going well and what could be improved

  • SWOT of my organisation / team
  • Rich Picture of my organisation / team
  • Finding solutions
  • How to sell your case
  • Presenting our solutions using the Rhetorical Triangle


Action Plan for the future

To find out more just call Sally on 01522 569211 or send a note (click link)