Management Coaching

I am a big believer in personalised Management Coaching. Although I have been coaching others for years in such things as Training, Customer Service, and Leadership I now feel it's time to offer out Business Coaching as a 1-2-1 experience.

Personally I have been on the receiving end of coaching and have found it invaluable to improve my performance. Whilst I am naturally an Activist, I found being coached helped me reflect more on my performance and actually change!

Are you aware of the value of Coaching to improve you or your teams performance? My experience in training has equipped me to be knowledgeable in a wide area of management issues. This enables my coaching include areas of mentoring in HR related subjects and Stress Management.

Can I tempt you to consider coaching for your team?

Consider the following bullet points to see if this is something that will help you:

  • Non-judgemental feedback on your current performance
  • Hints and tips on how to get the most out of your staff
  • Greater understanding on how we communicate to our staff
  • Equip you to reflect upon your own performance, set goals and achieve your goals
  • Improved performance
  • Help you to become a Leader rather than a Manager
  • Greater understanding on relevant management theories which will help you know the thinking behind management practices

But most importantly, Coaching helps you become the best you can be and is aligned with your values and goals!

If the above sounds of interest to you. Five one hour sessions via Skype normally £50 an hour, but reduced to £40 an hour £200.