Fish4Development Business Training

Word Training Introduction

Who is the course for?

If you can do the very basics but want to get more out of Word then this course is suitable for you. Gain confidence getting around Word and creating tables, inserting pictures etc. 

  • Layout of the screen Toolbars, Ribbons and Backstage 

  • Navigating around Word

  • Find and replace

  • Page setup 

  • Amending a document

  • New document, saving, saving as and opening

Text Manipulation 

  • Formatting your text

  • Cut, copy and paste

  • Using format painter

  • Changing Case

  • Indents and margins

  • Tabulation setting and moving

  • Bullets & Numbering 

  • Line spacing

  • Columns 

  • Spelling and grammar

Clipart and Pictures

  • Inserting clipart

  • Inserting and changing pictures 

  • AutoShapes 


  • Simple Tables

Other important features: 

  • Print Setup

  • Headers and Footers

  • Page numbering and page breaks

  • Orientation 

If time permits

  • Adding symbols

  • Adding borders to text and page

  • Using hyperlinks

Word Training Further Features

Who is the course for?

Do you use Word regularly and want to enhance your learning with some additional features?  

I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get more out of Word. 

On this course we will cover: 

Working with Window Views 

  • Arranging and splitting screens

  • Correcting text automatically with Autocorrect

Enhancing your Document

  • Creating and amending Styles

  • Inserting Table of Contents

  • Working with themes and applying them 

  • Borders and Shading to page and blocks of text  

  • Adding a watermark 

  • Creating a template document 

Further features on Tables 

  • Erasing lines and modifying, merging, borders, shading

  • Sorting within a table

Working with ClipArt and Images 

  • Amending clipart

  • Adding shapes and enhancing them

  • Text boxes

  • Adding picture effects

  • Wrapping text around pictures

  • Aligning, nudging, and adjusting pictures and text boxes


Working with SmartArt 

  • Lists, organisational charts and processes


Creating a chart and amend

  •  Quick parts and autotext
  • Footnotes and endnotes

  • Creating Hyperlinks

Creating MailMerge documents

  • Linking and creating data sources

  • Using filter and sort within a mailmerge 

  • MailMerge with wizard

  • MailMerge with fields 



  •  Recording a Macro and playing it back


Inserting Comments and Tracking changes

  •  Using Drop Cap

Using Form Controls and Creating a form 

  • With a drop down combo box

  • Limiting a text field

  • Creating a tick box 

  • Locking your form


Protection of your document