How to improve your presentations

Post date: Jun 25, 2012 9:24:15 AM

Presentations and how to improve them

Over the years I have seen many presentations and have been surprised how messy and unprofessional they look. I may be being picky, but the errors are many! To name but a few:

1) Too much information on a slide - writing becomes far too small and unreadable to your audience

2) Pictures are very cheap and amateurish with little walking gifs confusing the whole page

3) Backgrounds are picked from templates - far too dark and oppressive leaving you struggling to see what is written

4) Long lines of text and no visual impact - dare I say boring your audience

5) Images and text poorly designed

Then there is of course the sin of reading your PowerPoint points and adding nothing - why does your audience need to be there, just send them an article and let them read themselves!

I have also seen the back of many heads with presenters turning to face their presentations and giving their PowerPoint rapt attention.

The old acronym KISS comes to mind - Keep It Simple Stupid!

I understand that some people are not designers, feel lacking in creativity when it comes to design and feel that PowerPoint is a comfort blanket. I have to admit when I began presentations humm... many years ago! I used to hide behind my presentation, thinking at least I won't get eye balled all the time. Now, I enjoy making people laugh with humorous images. I like to aid memory retention with snappy acronyms and I like to make a presentation memorable.

If you in all honesty think help, I need some help here why not let me re-design your presentation to make it memorable - so that you can stand out for that Interview, Sales Pitch, Board meeting or Training session?

Be amazed at how reasonable your presentation re-style will be and understand that it's not a cost, but an investment into getting the job/pitch/message over.

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Alternatively, why not undertake a Presentation Skills course (details under seminars)?