10 Steps on how to make your Customer Really Angry!

Post date: Apr 16, 2014 10:19:48 AM

Annoying your customer!

I don't know about you, but have you sometimes gone to complain about something and found yourself getting increasingly angry? I am generally not an angry person, but when it comes to Customer Service I tend to see red from time to time! This is mainly due to a number of factors that the customer representative throws my way. So with this in mind I thought it would be good to share how to make me angry, and I am guessing you too?

1) Debate the facts - this is particularly useful if the person is highly emotional and is talking rubbish! Use every opportunity to prove them wrong - customers love this.

2) Provide an answer really quickly - why waste your customers time explaining all that they have found wrong - jump in and provide a fantastic solution that you just know will suit them perfectly.

3) Ask they why they hadn't done... Customers enjoy being asked why they hadn't followed the procedure, it gives them a real sense of purpose.

4) Blame them - it's important that the customer knows when they are wrong and that you are right. They wouldn't respect you if you took the blame for something.

5) Use sarcasm/humour - why not use a bit of humour to lighten the mood? I know most customers find jokes particulary funny when they are angry.

6) Blame your colleagues/organsation - if it's not your fault certainly don't take the blame. I'm sure that your customer will appreciate the fact that you didn't do anything wrong, but your colleague/organisation did.

7) Change the subject - Customers are like us, they don't like conflict, they will appreciate the opportunity to talk about the weather, or anything else that takes them away from the source of conflict.

8) Pull the poor-me card out - I think sometimes the customer just needs to know how you don't know the job well, that you are stressed, that you haven't been told what to do.

9) Use as many buzz words/technical in-house terms you can think of - this really impresses the customer with your knowledge. I think they particularly like it when you mention things like - we will put it on our "lessons learnt" file

10) Admit you know there is a problem in this area - let the customer know they are not the only one who has complained - it is a nice surprise for them that they aren't on their own!