Building Trust in Teams

Post date: Mar 13, 2017 1:48:01 PM

How to build trust in teams

There doesn't appear to be a thorough list out there. I see repetition with a few attributes, such as using effective team building exercises, and getting to know one another better, but I want to put a few of my ideas down and welcome feedback on what you would include/exclude from my list.

  1. Lead by example - be open and transparent as a leader - if you make a mistake admit it
  2. Encourage diversity when recruiting, without this you will experience "group-think" and stagnate
  3. Respond to mistakes constructively - by quickly addressing, but providing a no-blame culture so that people can learn from mistakes
  4. Give honour where honour is due - don't hog the glory yourself for a team achievement - rather honour those who bring success to the team
  5. Provide vision - communicate where you are intending to go as a team
  6. Show your values as a team - what is important to your business
  7. Respect and encourage constructive debate - allow people to express their concerns, but encourage this to be done with respect
  8. Give people responsibility and authority to act
  9. Do not allow back-biting, but keep constructive communication open in meetings
  10. Seek 360 degree feedback from your team and encourage team members to do the same
  11. Provide opportunity to let your hair down with each other - team away day maybe?
  12. If you have anything I can add to my list please let me know. I value contributions from those out there who have worked in a good team before (or still).