Putting Your Customer First

Putting your Customer First

Do you create a positive image of your organisation?

Do you get lots of positive feedback about your Customer Care skills?

Is your internal customer important to you?

This highly interactive course aims to equip you with the skills necessary to present an excellent image of the organisation and your department.

As a result of the seminar, participants will be able to:

    • Improve your service internally as well as externally
    • Understand what customers need and how your actions impact their perceptions
    • Build good customer relations, with improved communication skills such as listening, asking questions, understanding body language and good rapport

What today’s customer expects?

    • First impressions creating a professional image
    • The raised expectations of customers through the ages

How to make good customer service excellent

    • Going the extra mile, understanding the difference your performance can make to a good customer experience
    • Turning the complainers into loyal customers

Building rapport with excellent communication skills

    • Understanding the subtleties of body language
    • The importance of good listening face to face and over the phone

Asking the right questions

    • Pacing your customer for better rapport
    • Using Transactional Analysis to improve your communication style
    • Improving the self esteem of yourself and your customer

Taking that call

    • Understand the importance of good telephone manners
    • The difficulties of telephone communication and how to overcome them

Action plan

    • Putting your learning into practice!