Excel Further features (level 3)

Excel Further Features (Level 3) Course Outline

Is this course for me?

If you have used Excel for analysing data, can use functions and want to know some of the more advanced functions this is the course for you.

What the course will cover:

A short recap on the basics including shortcuts and Autofill optionsFormulas and functions including:

  • Using absolute formulas
  • IF functions including IF, CountIf, and SumIf
  • IF, And and Or functions
  • Vlookups and Hlookups for accessing data from lists
  • Index and Match functions
  • Naming and using ranges and in formulas
  • Text functions such as: Joining text strings, CASE, extracting data and TRIM
  • Custom Fill
  • Flash Fill
  • Database functions such as DSum, DCount, DMax, DMin
  • Formatting and working with dates and times including DateDif, Now, Today and Workday

Additional Print Options including printing titles

Working with views – side by side synchronising, split screens and freezing panes

Custom Sorting, Filtering, Advanced Filtering and Formatting as a Table

PivotTables, Slicers and PivotCharts

Recording and playing Macros (SQL not included)

Assigning a Macro to a shortcut key, Quick Access Toolbar button, or a Command button

Charts manipulation and Sparklines

Note: Excel has hundreds of functions and permutations of functions. This course covers some of the more popular and commonly used functions. If you are confident with the above areas and are looking for more information, it may be better to have one to one consultancy based on your areas of need.