The testimonials below are all genuine and can be verfied. If you would like to add your testimonial on the training I would love to hear from you. Please either email me or add your details on the feedback form at the bottom of the page. 

PowerPoint (January 2019)
I found the course very enjoyable and particularly how to insert and download videos and animations. Paula - PCCD 
I found EVERYTHING!!! most useful including the handout - regarding improvements NOTHING! It was fabulous thanks Penny - PCCD 
(out of five feedback forms all five marked Excellent for every aspect of the course including calling it Brilliant and Inspiring) 
Train the Trainer (January 2018)
We really enjoyed the course and I would recommend it to anyone. Your home is so lovely and offers a great learning environment. J - LFPT Sleaford

Time Management (January 2018)
I now feel better able to organise, plan and set out goals that I'd like to achieve both personally and in my work life. The most useful element for me was the four box grid. I found the course inspiring and valuable! Becki - Fenner Precision

Excel 2013 Introduction (August 2017)
The last seven people who attended Excel training all wrote Excellent for all eight of the criteria from meeting expectations, interesting and informative, to the atmosphere being relaxed and conducive to learning.

When asked what was the Most Useful - I received "all of it!" and on Suggestions for improvement I received "It was brilliant - thank you - great garden and lunch too!"

See below for one of the many feedback forms with all excellent!

Feedback from Coaching and Mentoring for Managers (Augusts 2017):
I just wanted to say thank you! for the fantastic course on coaching and mentoring. I found it interesting and helpful on the day but, hadn’t fully realised just how powerful and effective it could be in reality. I have already put it to use twice this week already! On Wednesday morning, one of our project officers came to me with a problem regarding a group she was working with- I used the GROW method and it worked wonders. She left feeling empowered, the problem got resolved and it prevented me from falling into my usual fix it pattern.

I also used the boost model today- Thank you!!!

I also wanted to say that I really appreciated the lovely food and the way you are able to tailor the course to everyone’s specific needs.

I look forward to seeing you next Friday

Best wishes Mary - Green Synergy

Feedback from Introduction to Line Management (March/April 2017)
Just wanted to thank you for such informative and interesting training last week. I have been on a few courses lately, this was by far the best. Thanks

Kind Regards - Kate Ford Deputy Town Clerk - Skegness Town Council

Feedback from Introduction to Line Management (February 2017)
I now feel more confident in my role. I particularly enjoyed the Belbins chart and the Eating your live frog idea. I also enjoyed the monkey story. The course was good fun, high quality, creative, inspiring and brilliant! (LB - Residential Care provider)

I really enjoyed the course and found it very valuable. I have learned a lot and feel ready to put it into practice! I now feel more confident in managing my time and managing people including delegating responsibility. The course was practical, informative, professional and interactive. (GW - Residential Care provider)

Feedback from May 2016 from the Excel 2010 Introduction training
After saying how much I enjoyed working with a team training them Excel recently - this is the feedback I received from Nina:

"Well in that case Sally you have the patience of a saint..... I would recommend your training and training style to everyone, its not easy to train a group with such different, Excel skills, previous experiences and ages, and for all to feel engaged and find the whole session very informative.

Many thanks, really did enjoy the session, just need to practice."

Another participants said:
"It was the best training I have ever had!"

Feedback from February 2016 from the Dealing with Difficult Behaviour training
Alison - Excellent for all aspects - After completing the training I now feel able to deal with difficult situations and peopleat my workplace. I found the coure most valuable in all areas, and will be abl to use the content in my job role.
Valuable, Better than Most, High Quality, and Creative are some of the positive ticks received.

Ria - Excellent for all aspects - I now feel better able to ask people more questions and gain a positive outcome and give people fedback. I found the giving feedback and asking questions the most useful.
In addition to the ticks above: Good fun, practical, professional, interactive.

Kasia - Excellent for all aspects - I now know how important communication is and feel able to give people feedback - all the course was useful!

In addition to the ticks above: informed, friendly, relevant, and detailed.

Coaching feedback from a store Supervisor: The coaching session kept my goals and vision in sharp focus constantly and pushed me to regularly evaluate what I was doing and why. My coach supplied me with material (Assertiveness questionnaire, Temperament test, Reframing Thinking, Dealing with Situations, Your Rights) that she felt might be of use on topic that came out of our sessions.

Iggy Patel Equality and Diversity, Lincolnshire County Council
worked directly with Sally at Lincolnshire County Council
I have worked along side Sally for three years, in that time, I have always found her to be very professional, highly knowledgable in her subject areas and as a person is great fun and is always pleasant.” May 16, 2011
Feedback from November 2014
Nick - Excellent - Most useful? - Information on very useful shortcuts and opportunity to updates of Excel I was unfamilair with.

Gemma - Excellent - found the course better than most others she had attended and commented on how the course was good fun, friendly, high quality, practical, professional, attentive, detailed and valuable.

Feedback from the Longhurst Group (September 2014)
Excel Intermediate to Advanced

Emily - Excellent - Most Useful? - Having example documents so we can put it in to practice Least Useful? None - everything is relevant one way or another - Suggestions for Improvement? None, very helpful and worthwhile.

Julie - Excellent - Most Useful? - Interactive nature of the learning, Least useful? All very useful thanks you Suggestions for Improvement - Excellent course, very informative, friendly, and useful, will save me hours!!

Laura - Excellent - Most Useful? - Short-cuts to doing things - will be able to do things quicker - very useful. Least Useful - N/A. Suggestions for Improvement - More time! So much to go through would be better over 2 days maybe?

Kirsty - Excellent - Most Useful? - Detail, HLookup, Vlookup and Advanced Filters

Feedback about Writing Minutes for Meetings
Bethany - Excellent - Most useful? - How to take notes in a more brief format

Julie - Excellent - A couple of ideas that will help me in my role i.e. attendance sheet,
using verbs, nouns etc more effectively. Least Useful? Nothing at all! Excellent Day

Lisa - Excellent - Shortening words, using symbols, and not writing word for word (note taking). I found the whole course informative and useful

Janet Marshall - Head of Communications and Community Engagement, Lincolnshire County Council worked with Sally at Lincolnshire County Council

“I'm delighted that Sally is using her considerable training skills to launch her own consultancy. Sally has a strong portfolio of skills to offer and is an experienced trainer in a range of areas. Sally is reliable, straightforward and a delight to work with and I would recommend her for any company looking to develop or increase learning opportunities among their employees.” May 17, 2011

Leeanne Andrews - People / Project Manager Leeanne worked indirectly for Sally at Lincolnshire County Council

Sally is an inspiring trainer and a very organised, methodical manager... her spreadsheets are amazing!

I have worked both alongside Sally conducting assessment days and I have also received direct training from her. She stands out as a creative, supportive and personal colleague who always looks to cater for individual needs. She will find strengths in anybody is able to get the best out of people.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sally as a manager or trainer

Evaluation form from 1-2-1 Excel 2010 Training - November 2010 (NHS)

"The one to one training was fabulous. I liked the explanation and practice and then looking at how to apply the Excel 2010 training to my own work"
"Good Fun, Informed, Friendly, High Quality, Practical, Brilliant, Professional, Attentive, Relevant, Interactive, Informative, Detailed, Creative, Inspiring, Better than most others, Valuable!"

Janice Davies - Training and Development Officer Lincolnshire County Council

Testimonial for Line Manager:
"Sally has been my Line Manager for two years and she's been great. Very fair and has a wealth of knowledge on HR. She has been good fun to work with as a Line manager and a colleague and I'll really miss her support and guidance".

Testimonial for Creative Training:
"Sally's training courses are fun, full of creativity and very insightful. I'd recommend attending one to everyone. Sally has loads of knowledge and delivers it in a way that makes learning a positive, energetic and inspiring experience".

Feedback from Managing Stress training
Just wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for the Stress Management course you ran a while ago. Not only did I think it was a superb course at the time, I have recently been going back over my handouts and notes and it has been really helpful. I will ensure I recommend you and your courses to others. Kind regards, Ed Edward Hollamby

Coaching feedback from a Lincolnshire County Council Manager:
"I have very much appreciated the time set aside for reflection, which was needed for the sessions, as I am not a natural reflector. Having a very busy job there is never enough time to do what urgently needs to be done, so I welcomed the chance to reflect on what I was doing and how this could be improved. Sally provided me with many useful tips on how to manage my time, I learnt about and have useful handouts on learning styles, stress management, delegation and 4Ds, feedback, TA, skill vs will etc. Very useful"

Judith Davids Assistant Director People and Modernisation, Lincolnshire County Council
managed Sally indirectly at Lincolnshire County Council
Sally was responsible for setting up the training programme for the 140+ customer service advisers at Lincolnshire County Council's Customer Advice Centre. The courses that Sally designed were later recognised and accredited by the Institute of Customer Services (ICS), thus saving the Council a significant amount of money in enabling their front line advisers to achieve ICS certification.

A further testament to the quality of training offered by Sally, was that several of the Lincolnshire District Councils bought into this training for their own front-line staff.

Sally also played a key role in the Customer Service Centre achieving and retaining, its Customer Contact Association (CCA) accreditation."

Ian Hamer Programme Manager, East Lindsey District Council
was with another company when working with Sally at Lincolnshire County Council
“I have worked on a number of different projects with Sally. During these projects Sally delivered a very professional service setting high standards - a real quality service.
I would not hesitate to recommend Sally. Not only a training and development expert but also well versed all aspects of customer service.” May 14, 2011