Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer (2 Days

Are you required to train others as part of your role? Would you like to learn how to make this engaging? Do you want to ensure that your learners are able to retain and transfer what they learn back into the workplace?

This practical Train the Trainer course will equip you with a num

ber of skills to enable you to train others in an interesting and memorable way.

The aim of this course is to provide the learner with the core skills and understanding on what makes a successful trainer. We will cover areas such as: learning styles, the learning process and using the right media to communicate your message.

The second day of the course allows the learner to create their own training courses and looks at content, timings, transfer strategies and how to present effectively.
You will learn how to:
Plan a training session (using mind mapping)
Write the aims and objectives
Set up a learning contract
Describe the qualities of a successful trainer looking at:

  • Examples of good and bad practice 
  • Run an icebreaker or energiser
  • Identify the principles of adult learning including the different learning styles, Kolb’s learning cycle and the barriers to learning
  • Identify the barriers to learning and find solutions to help overcome them
  • Recognise group dynamics and how to facilitate discussion and feedback sessions using good questioning skills
  • Manage the group dynamics including the challenging participant, building self-esteem in course participants, handling their resistance and responding to the impossible question
  • Use different methods and mediums in your training including activities, case studies, simulations, games, stories, role plays, discussions, simulations and quizzes
  • Improve retention through different methods including writing mnemonics
  • Coach and provide qualitative feedback to help build self esteem of course participants
  • Create a lesson plan
  • Assess learning to ensure learning has taken place
  • Writing a role play
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that is eye catching and memorable
  • Plan and deliver a short 10 minute training session
  • Action planning for the future