Dealing with Difficult Behaviour!

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

In an idea world everyone would be friendly and reasonable. In reality we often come across difficult

 people and behaviour. Avoiding the issue and hoping it will go away doesn’t work. Do you come across angry/difficult people and want to know the best way to deal with them? Is it important for your work to be able to communicate with a variety of different people? So how can you best deal with these situations without becoming stressed and angry? This course will provide you with the tools with which you can deal with difficult or aggressive behaviour. 


To enable participants to deal with difficult situations in a professional and assertive manner and to treat difficult people with a positive attitude

 We will learn how to 

         Identify difficult situations at work

         Work with conflicting goals and reach a negotiation

         Be aware of different beliefs and attitudes

         Analyse and understand different behavioural types

         Discern the causes of conflict, looking at our needs, desires, beliefs and attitudes

         Recognise the reasons for friction with others

         Analyse what happens to us when we see a threat

         Recognise non-verbal communication and how to remain safe

         Develop effective forms of communication including: active listening, building empathy and questioning, so as to defuse conflict situations

         Use Transactional Analysis to bring out the best in people

         To look at effective forms of communication and active listening, building empathy and rapport.

         Keep calm – managing your own emotions 

         To look at improving our Emotional Intelligence