Complaint Handling

Complaints are a Gift! 

(half day course)

How we treat complaints is essential to any successful business, yet it doesn’t come naturally. We like to defend ourselves from complaints – only aggravating our customer.  In fact some businesses like to hide their complaints and pretend they don’t happen. This course will challenge your mind-set from avoiding complaints to welcoming them. Turning angry customers into advocates for your organisation – with a bit of training you could learn why complaints happen, what you can do to improve the customer experience and increase customer loyalty.   
This course will cover how to:
·         The philosophy behind treating complaints as gifts
·         Recovering poor service and keeping your customer happy
·         Empowering your team to take ownership of the problems
·         Gain a realistic idea of customer satisfaction
·         Dealing with the angry customer who blows their top!
·         Body language do’s and don’ts
·         Getting to the crux of the matter through effective questioning
·         Learn strategies for being one step ahead to provide excellent customer service