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Word Intermediate to Advanced

Who is the course for?

Do you use Word regularly and want to enhance your learning with some additional features?  

I would thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who wants to get more out of Word. 

On this course we will cover: 

Working with Window Views 

  • Arranging and splitting screens
  • Correcting text automatically with Autocorrect

Enhancing your Document

  • Creating and amending Styles
  • Inserting Table of Contents
  • Working with themes and applying them 
  • Borders and Shading to page and blocks of text  
  • Adding a watermark 
  • Creating a template document 

Further features on Tables 

  • Erasing lines and modifying, merging, borders, shading
  • Sorting within a table

Working with ClipArt and Images 

  • Amending clipart
  • Adding shapes and enhancing them
  • Text boxes
  • Adding picture effects
  • Wrapping text around pictures
  • Aligning, nudging, and adjusting pictures and text boxes
 Working with SmartArt 
  • Lists, organisational charts and processes
 Creating a chart and amend

 Quick parts and autotext
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Creating Hyperlinks
Creating MailMerge documents
  • Linking and creating data sources
  • Using filter and sort within a mailmerge 
  • MailMerge with wizard
  • MailMerge with fields 
  •  Recording a Macro and playing it back
 Inserting Comments and Tracking changes
  •  Using Drop Cap
Using Form Controls and Creating a form 
  • With a drop down combo box
  • Limiting a text field
  • Creating a tick box 
  • Locking your form
 Protection of your document