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Access Introduction


Who is the course for?


If you find yourself needing to know more about what an Access database can do, this course will give you a good overview; providing practical hands-on experience with its many features.

You will finish the course with a good general knowledge on Access and how you can use it to meet your needs.


What the course will cover:

Database Overview / Terms / Planning

An overview of databases, database objects and terminology, tables, queries, forms, & reports, and relationships

Working with an existing database

Navigating around an existing database (mouse and keyboard)

The ribbon, window and navigation pane

Finding help

Opening and closing exiting tables, database and access

Filtering & sorting data in a table

Sorting Data, Finding & Replacing Data (using wildcards)

Working with Tables

Creating a new simple Access database

Design/table view

Creating a table structure

Formatting field properties

Defining a Primary Key

Editing field properties and field descriptions

Validation Rules/text

Adding a new field to a table

Insert, Delete, Move and Rename Fields

Deleting a table

Entering and Editing Data

Entering and Editing Data

Queries and Filters

Query Overview

Sorting records

Using filters

Filtering by form

Running Query

Creating a Query

Modifying a Query – adding, removing fields to a query and deleting a query

Creating Forms

Creating Forms Using the Form Wizard

Quick forms

Designing a form

Data Entry in Forms

Editing form design

Filtering from a form

Deleting from a form

Changing the look of forms


Overview of Reports

Quick report

Creating a Report using Wizard

Printing a report