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Welcome to the home of Fish4Development the place for learning new, or developing existing skills. Training is participative, friendly, and thought provoking. The practical training equips you to be more productive at work. 

If you can only spare one or two people at one time, just let Sally know your subject of interest. Small courses run every month. See below for the current Open Programmes. Five or more people why not ask Sally to come and run the training local to you. All prices shown on the prices page. 

Fish4Development Training Workshops (July to August 2019)
(see list on left for more information on any of the courses below)

 3 July (full) Excel Introduction (Level 1)
 This popular course is great for tips and tricks on Excel. You will learn more about formulas and functions and manipulating your data with filtering and sorting
11 July (full)  Excel Intermediate (Level 2) 
 If you know filtering, sorting, using functions such as Sum, Average, Count, and basic charts, then why not move up a level. Learn how to use functions such as IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF, SUBTOTAL, text functions, Data Validation, Text to Columns, Conditional Formatting and more. 
13 July (4 spaces) Presentation Skills
 Ensure your Presentation stands out from the crowd. How to build your confidence and project yourself for a great impression.
16 July (4 spaces) Excel Introduction (Level 1)
 As above
18 July (4 spaces) Assertiveness and Confidence
 This assertiveness and confidence building course will provide course participants with the underpinning knowledge and skills to be more assertive and confident, both in their personal and professional lives.  Improve your relationships with an Assertive position – look for a “win-win” scenario. 
25 July (4 spaces) Excel Intermediate (Level 2) 

August (TBA)  Professional Receptionist
 This course aims to equip the professional receptionist with the skills necessary to present an excellent image of the organisation. You will learn how to interpret body language, listen effectively, use good questioning skills, and deal with the tricky visitor professionally and calmly.
August (TBA) PowerPoint 
 Do you need to create a presentation that stands out? This course is suitable for anyone who wants to create a professional presentation with bells and whistles, whilst maintaining a professional look. 
August (TBA) Report Writing
 This interactive practical course is for beginners to writing reports. Or for those who want to improve their report writing skills and make their reports more accessible and attractive to their readers. Learn how to get your message over and ensure that your reports are succinct. Move away from lengthy boring reports that no one reads!
August (TBA) Managing Stress for the Manager
 You will learn how to recognise symptoms of stress in yourself and others. Set clear boundaries, and strengthen your control over your life. Developing greater resistance to pressure
August (TBA) Coaching and Mentoring
 Coaching is one of the most effective methods of enhancing performance. A good coach leads highly productive teams who are keen to learn new skills and as a result significantly increase the cost effectiveness and efficiency of their department/ organisation. 

Sally Butler

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Thinking of booking on one of the programmes? You can be assured of quality training at competitive prices. Open Programmes are small, allowing time for questions, discussion and practical hands-on learning. You won't receive a sheep dip approach with Fish4Development, every course is unique and adapted to the audience. 

Who is Sally Butler?

Training and Development Consultant with 25 + years experience in Training, Management, Assessment, Recruitment and Development

Qualifications include:
MSc Human Resource Management|Psychometric tester Level A & B| 
NVQ Assessor D32/33|Assessor of Prior Learning D36|CertEd in Adult Education|ILM Level 5 in Managing Innovation and Creativity|ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring|Institute of Customer Service Assessor & Coach|HND in Business & Finance|Expert European Computer Driving License (ECDL)

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